Smart, Tested & Trusted Supply Chain Solutions

SLK GLOBAL is a company that specializes in integrated supply chain management solutions for government and commercial customers around the world. Our core business is focused on building progressive resources, capabilities, and technologies to integrate and accelerate food- and non-food supply chains in complex environments.


To accomplish the goals of all our clients rendering the best and quickest solutions in a professionals manner.


To establish a track record in terms of resources and capacities for handling sizable contracts, and capture an appropriate share in the development of the region adopting ethical business practices.

Ethics & Compliance

Managing business ethically is important to the long-term success of our company. The basis of our ethical culture, here at SLK is the Code of Ethical Business Conduct. We demand that our employees and directors take a great responsibility to do what’s right. This means more than just complying with regulations and laws. This means the following:
• Taking responsibility for the safety of ourselves and others.• Treating others with dignity and respect.• Protecting the environment.• Managing business with ultimate integrity. • Assuring that financial reports are accurate and safeguarding confidential information.• Running business legally and honestly.

SLK Approach

We use teams of specialists who work closely with you. Our teams analyze data and spend time with stakeholders to understand your business needs and how you use suppliers. Using our deep commercial and market expertise, we provide the insights and challenge that uncover hidden value, offering you:• Tailored assessments, choosing from accelerated or standard methods.• Immersive and constructive challenge to help rethink the status quo.• The ability to quickly accelerate into delivery and realize your benefits.

SLK GLOBAL Vetting and Selection - Our Unique Differentiator

Our reputation reflects our skilled workforce, and SLK employee vetting and selection process is key to our success. Candidates for employment must pass a deliberate, behavioral science-based assessment and selection screening, powered by a resume-free web-based application. This initial step is followed by a series of competency-based screenings and interviews with behavioral experts, SOAS leaders, and subject matter experts.


Our process is competitive and highly selective – only one in 20 candidates pass the first cut, and only a small percentage of those successfully complete the second phase. We look for candidates who:

    Hold values that fit our team
    Have depth in multiple skill sets
    Are driven to solve hard problems
    Exhibit self-discipline in thought and action
    Have empathy and respect for others
    Come to us with exemplary professional reputations
    Are agile and committed to keeping their skills current and relevant.