Military Private SecuritySpecial Operations and Asymmetric Solutions Group.

SLK GLOBAL's SOASG provides access, placement, and capabilities within the special operations forces (SOF) field and Intelligence Community (IC).Today, SLK GLOBAL is renowned for bringing the expertise of our motivated, innovative professionals to address customers’ most difficult challenges and requirements. Using our cutting-edge practices, tools, and technologies, SLK GLOBAL's SOAS offers a range of solutions to address customer needs.


Our Mission

SLK GLOBAL's Group provides deliberately selected, highly-skilled professionals who support Department of Defense (DoD), U.S. Government, and interagency mission partners in protecting the United States, its partners, and interests against conventional and asymmetric threats.

Exceptional Mission ExpertiseWe provide a workforce with exceptional expertise in mission operations support and services. SOAS recruits, assesses, and selects its personnel for their recent, highly relevant mission and operational experience, behavioral profile, and ability to recognize emerging requirements we can address through our unique services and technology integration solutions.

The SOAS Advantage
Our most valued asset and competitive advantage is our SOAS workforce – which has built a reputation for excellence in achieving mission partner objectives while reducing operational and repetitional risk.

SLK GLOBAL Vetting and Selection - Our Unique Differentiator

Our reputation reflects our skilled workforce, and SOAS’ employee vetting and selection process is key to our success. Candidates for employment must pass a deliberate, behavioral science-based assessment and selection screening, powered by a resume-free web-based application. This initial step is followed by a series of competency-based screenings and interviews with behavioral experts, SOAS leaders, and subject matter experts.


Our process is competitive and highly selective – only one in 20 candidates pass the first cut, and only a small percentage of those successfully complete the second phase. We look for candidates who:

    Hold values that fit our team
    Have depth in multiple skill sets
    Are driven to solve hard problems
    Exhibit self-discipline in thought and action
    Have empathy and respect for others
    Come to us with exemplary professional reputations
    Are agile and committed to keeping their skills current and relevant.

Partnership with the best gives you the best.

To accomplish the goals of all our clients rendering the best and quickest solutions in a professional manner.