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SLK GLOBAL has consistently delivered high-quality food support to U.S. military customers and commercial clients locally during which time economic globalization has become the defining trend in Supply Chain Management (SCM). Our customers are more sophisticated now, demanding efficiency, quality, and speed with products and services.
SLK GLOBAL offers solutions meeting the highest standards of international SCM by providing industry-leading distribution infrastructure and local expertise. Our refined business model ensures our customers enjoy the best quality for the best price, practices that have won us SLK GLOBAL formal, established awards. We trust our the local partners to use their intimate market knowledge to ensure our customers benefit from advantages available only to experienced, on-the-ground experts.
Supply chain is complex, which is why we are driven to identify the best partners for sourcing, warehousing, and transport, while retaining the overall management of the supply chain in-house.Our collaborative partnership approach has been honed over several years. We trust our vendors to do their best for us, and our vendors trust us to take care of them. Our clients reap the benefits of that trust at every step of the supply chain experience.

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SLK GLOBAL provides customers with supplies and materials for construction, maintenance & facilities across Central, European, & African.

AFRICOMSLK GLOBAL provides construction supplies & maintenance materials to customers in Southern Europe & Western Africa, where our knowledge of the market and proven processes help address the challenges of local specifications as well as sourcing specifications. Thanks to our specialized approach, we achieved an average on-time delivery rate of 95% in the first year of both contracts.Our large network of qualified suppliers and transport service providers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the United States allows us to maintain the capability & flexibility required to respond to constantly-shifting customer requirements. We provide order, award, and delivery information to our customers via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions as well as recurring updates (both pending & active orders). Additionally we often include the use of freight consolidation points on various locations, to maximize the use of transport assets as well as reduce costs on deliveries.

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